SkyCoach Announces Referral Partnership with Sideline Power

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SkyCoach Announces Referral Partnership with Sideline Power

Collaboration Will Ensure Coaches Have Access to Best Combination of Technologies

Shreveport, Louisiana – January 3, 2017- SkyCoach, the market leader in coaches’ instant replay, today announced a non-exclusive referral partnership with Sideline Power. Sideline Power, a Nebraska based company, is focused on providing the best communication solutions to coaches. Under the agreement, Sideline Power will actively refer SkyCoach solutions to clients interested in instant replay products that work well with their existing or future Sideline Power solutions.

“This partnership seems very natural in that many of our teams are constantly looking for an endzone system that works seamlessly with our replay system. Working with Sideline Power to ensure our customers receive that will be a huge benefit,” states Heather Hennings, CMO of SkyCoach. “Together, we are looking towards the future and how these technologies will more efficiently integrate.”

Sideline Power’s products include, but are not limited to various endzone cameras and systems, headsets, drones, timers, and sound systems. SkyCoach provides sideline instant replay to many teams at all levels around the world, including the Canadian Football League.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with SkyCoach. We believe the combination of our camera solutions and SkyCoach sideline replay solution is a winning combination,” states Matt Starr, CEO of Sideline Power. “When partnering, we look for the leaders in the market that offer top tier support. SkyCoach offers the entire package to help our customers get the winning edge over opponents.”

About SkyCoach

SkyCoach Instant Replay is used by professional, high school and youth organizations both nationally and internationally. The SkyCoach product debuted in 2013 and since has been adopted by many teams for in-game video analysis. SkyCoach is headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana. To learn more, visit us at

About Sideline Power

For close to a decade, Sideline Power has utilized cutting edge technology and innovation to help coaches around the country elevate their programs to the next level. From NFL level coaching communications to cutting edge video technology, Sideline Power encompasses a full array products needed to unleash the full potential of any program. Family owned and operated, with a customer first mentality, Sideline Power is truly the #1 Choice for Coaching Communication. Visit, email us at, or call us at 800-496-4290