Advanced Capture & In-Game Reporting

Capture additional data that helps coaches make rapid decisions based on real-time stats. Run in-game reports such as run/pass tendency, gain/loss, and blitz tendency. Reduce work after the game by exporting captured data to Hudl.


Shared Capture

SkyCoach only requires one person to run the entire system, even when capturing from multiple angles. Run SkyCoach from an iPad, iPhone or computer.


Intercut Video

All of the angles filmed are associated with a single play number and the same data that was coded in real-time. Coaches can also filter by all the coded data for easy access to plays.


Locally Stored Video

Video is stored on individual devices so that it can be taken and viewed anywhere without a network connection. For example, video can be viewed on the bus post-game using no data or wifi.


Playback on Various Devices

Playback is available on iOS devices, Windows or Mac laptops, and Surface Tablets. Telestrate, FF, RW, Zoom, and Slo-Mo while reviewing.

Ipad only
iPad, Laptop, Surface
Iphone only
Tv phone

Wired OR Wireless Network Solutions

SkyCoach works with wired or wireless networks. Choose which network works best for your specific situation.


Series View

Another way to filter your plays, the Series view allows you to quickly choose what plays you want to view based on Series, O/D, type of play, and more!


24/7 Phone Support

Doesn’t matter whether it is 5 minutes before the game begins or 2am when you are uploading film, coaches can rest assured that they will get their questions answered by a real, live SkyCoach Support Expert.


Unlimited Cloud Storage

Don’t ever worry about deleting your video. With SkyCoach, you get unlimited storage included in your license.


Personalized Training

Facetime and Skype training sessions are customized for your set-up. Our training team takes an in-depth look at your stadium set-up to ensure optimized use of our system.



Trade with any SkyCoach or non-SkyCoach team. The process is simple and free for non-SkyCoach replay users.



Upload opponent/scout film from anywhere into the SkyCoach system so that you can review.


Video Export

Post-game, export your video to Hudl or anywhere else you need it to go.


Data Export

Export all of your play data post-game to Hudl in order to save time.


View-Only User

Provide players the ability to watch without worry that they might edit or delete something.



Combine clips to create a single MP4 to share.