With a few simple videos, we can get you up and running in no time. To see the entire library of videos check out our YouTube channel.


See how SkyCoach seamlessly integrates multiple angles and recording devices all while tagging in real-time.

Shared Capture

Only requires 1 person to capture intercut video for all angles.

Create Event

Create a game or practice for real-time collaboration during that event.

Record Event

Record for a specific game or practice. While recording the play, you take a picture of the formation, and tag the play with simple codes, like offense/defense, series, and big play indicator, all with the touch of your finger.

Record with live coding

With a little practice recording becomes a breeze for your sideline instant replay.

Stabilize Video

Use a mount to a tripod or monopod to stabilize the video.

Event Playback

Watch plays for a game or a specific drill from practice. The most recent plays show at the top of the playlist. Coaches can filter for the plays that matter to them by using the filter function.


Never lose play information because of intermittent network issues.


Export your videos to Hudl, Google Drive, YouTube, or anywhere else you would like to use them.

See more videos on our YouTube channel.