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Are You Ready For A Competitive Edge? SkyCoach Can Help.

About SkyCoach

SkyCoach provides instant replays to football coaches immediately after the whistle blows. This awesome coaching tool can also be used to review pictures of formations.

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SkyCoach is patent pending technology.


SkyCoach has 3 recording options: record with an iPhone, an iPad, or use your existing camera systems. While recording the play, you take a picture of the formation and tag the play with simple codes, like offense/defense, series, and big play indicator, all with the touch of your finger. You can record from as many angles as you want.



The iPhone provides great video quality. It is compact making it easily portable for travel situations, like away games or 7 on 7 events. It has more lens options than the iPad. Many coaches already have one in their pocket.



The iPad provides more viewing area for the person recording. Tagging is easier for people with larger hands or if you can't see as well as you used to.

Computer camera

Existing Camera

Using your existing sideline or end zone HD video camera allows you to take advantage of the equipment you already have in place. SkyCoach will provide you with an HDMI capture device that you will use to connect your camera to your Windows or Mac computer.


SkyCoach has 3 playback options: watch on an iPhone, an iPad, or pair an iPhone with a TV. Coaches and players can watch the actual video of the play to pinpoint exactly what happened or plan how to attack on the next series. You also have the ability to rewind, fast forward, and zoom to ensure you are getting the most out of watching your video.

Iphone only


The iPhone is a valid option for coaches or players that want to watch the plays on their own devices.

Ipad only


The iPad provides a much larger viewing area making it easier for coaches to review with individual players.

Tv phone


Pairing an iPhone or an iPad with a TV enables you to review video with multiple players at a time. The most common use is to review the last series with the offense or defense so they can make adjustments before going back on the field.


With a few simple videos, we can get you up and running in no time. To see the entire library of videos check out our YouTube channel.

Record screen

While recording the play, you take a picture of the formation, and tag the play with simple codes, like offense/defense, series, and big play indicator, all with the touch of your finger. Sideline instant replay simplified.

Record with live coding

With a little practice, recording becomes a breeze for your sideline instant replay.

Home screen

The home screen is a playlist with the most recent plays showing at the top. Coaches can filter for the plays that matter to them by using the search function.

New plays

New plays are pulled down to the iPad by pulling down on the playlist.

iPhone or iPad paired with TV

It is easy to use SkyCoach on the sideline or locker room with a TV or Projector.

Alternative power source

Using a marine battery and an inverter you can take your TV anywhere for your sideline instant replay.


You should be able to find the answers to our most commonly asked questions here, but if you don't contact us below.

"What is needed to use Sky Coach?"

For our iOS/Internet version all you need is an iPhone or an iPad with Internet speeds of at least 1Mbps up and 1Mbps down. 3Mbps up and down or higher is preferable. A typical cellular LTE plan is plenty fast enough. If you don’t have access to fast Internet, then we do have a “No Internet Kit." You will need a Windows or Mac computer to host the videos and information in order to use the "No Internet Kit."

“How can I tell what the cellular speeds in my area are?”

To evaluate the cellular coverage in the areas your games will be held, please visit the following links to the AT&T and Verizon coverage maps and enter information for the field locations:

AT&T (Select “Data” for Domestic Wireless Coverage Type and select the Coverage By Device Type option you wish to view.)

Verizon (4GLTE Data Coverage is the default coverage type selected.)

Please note that the most accurate way to confirm coverage in the locations you will be playing is to perform a connection speed test at the field in advance (for example, using

"How do you zoom the video and stabilize it if you are recording with an iPhone/iPad?"

SkyCoach supports digital zoom during recording as well as on playback. There are also multiple iPhone and iPad cases that support attaching lenses as well as monopods or tripods. One popular brand is iOgrapher. iOgrapher cases support 37mm lenses.

"What if my iPhone or iPad battery can’t last an entire game?"

There are multiple iPhone and iPad battery power banks that will extend the life of your battery. A popular model is the Anker Astro Mini.

"How many people do I need to use SkyCoach?"

It only takes one person to record plays per angle you wish to see. If you only want to record plays from a single angle, you will only need one person recording. However, if you want to have your plays recorded from multiple angles (example: end zone and side line), you will need one person recording from each angle you wish to see.

"How many iPads and iPhones can I have on the sideline?"

There is no limit to the number of iPads and iPhones you can have on the sideline.

"Isn’t this against the rules?"

The NFHS changed the rules in the spring of 2013 allowing for the use of technology on the sideline. If you are not certain, please contact your state association for clarification.

"Can I use a TV to view plays?"

You can use a TV to watch the plays. To connect your iPhone or iPad to the TV you will need an AV adapter and a TV with an HDMI port. For widescreen TVs the iPhone will display on the TV better than the iPad because of the iPhone wide screen format, but both can be used.

This video demonstrates the use of the AV adapter:

This video demonstrates a method for getting power to the sideline if you do not have an outlet available:


We can list all the reasons why you need SkyCoach, but why take our word for it? Some of the country's top coaches will let you know how they feel about SkyCoach's sideline video solution.

Our Pricing

At SkyCoach we understand there is no one-size fits all, so we have options available to meet your specific needs.

  • $0
  • FREE Preseason Pass Includes:
  • Unlimited use
  • Unlimited Angles
  • Unlimited Devices
  • (4) Months Free:
    April, May, June & July
  • *Does NOT include Existing Camera Kit or No Internet Kit
  • Call or Email
  • $150
  • Game Day Ticket Includes:
  • One Game Use
  • Unlimited Practice
    Prior to Game
  • Unlimited Angles
  • Unlimited Devices
  • *Upgrade to Season Pass and
    $150 applied to cost
  • Call or Email
  • $1095
  • Season Pass Includes:
  • Unlimited use for all sports including JV and Freshmen teams
  • Unlimited Practice Prior to Game
  • Unlimited Angles
  • Unlimited Devices
  • *Loyalty Renewal $500/yr
  • Call or Email
  • Existing Camera Kit
  • $295/per angle
  • To utilize your existing sideline and end zone cameras, SkyCoach will provide you with an HDMI capture device for each camera from which you want to record. You will need a Windows or Mac computer to run the SkyCoach capture software.
  • Call or Email
  • No Internet Kit
  • $395
  • To run the No Internet Kit, SkyCoach will provide you with industrial grade networking equipment and the SkyCoach application to host the videos and play information. You will need a Windows or Mac computer to run the SkyCoach host software.
  • Call or Email


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