We can list all the reasons why you need SkyCoach, but why take our word for it? Some of the country's top coaches will let you know how they feel about SkyCoach's instant replay solution. Click on a marker below to see what some of our coaches have to say.


Athens HS, Wil Daly “After witnessing what other schools were going through using other systems or rather trying to use those systems I’m so glad I recommended Skycoach to my HC. While other teams were climbing ladders and running stadiums to get video cameras to their coaches because their system wasn’t working as advertised my staff had it on their devices everywhere – no cardio required. I highly recommend Skycoach to any team that wants a real solution for a video system.”

McGill-Toolen Catholic HS, Carl Jackson “This is the best system we have used.”

Scottsboro HS, Cully Nelson “The ease of set up and ease of use make SkyCoach a must have!”


Cibola HS, Ed Contreras “Reliability – when your opponent uses hudl and reaches out to you after the game for a copy of your footage because they replay software didn’t work, you’re using the best out there with SkyCoach. Support/Customer Service – for the 1st time in 4 years, have to call support on a Friday, had a hardware issue, but they were able to get us up and going in a matter of minutes to still have replay during the game. (and had the replacement part before our next game!!)”

Desert Edge HS, Jess Wilhite “We have been using SkyCoach for three seasons now and have not missed one game to technical issues or interference from cellular issues. Amazing to have the ability to make in game adjustments immediately after a specific offensive/defensive series. Our kids stay more focused on the game when coming off the field. They all go straight to the replay t.v. for series adjustments by our coaches. Lastly, the interface with HUDL is seamless.”

Estrella Foothills HS, Mike Welch “SkyCoach customer service is outstanding! Available at any time, even right before kick off, they answer any question and have been able to help us through all technical issues.”

Pinnacle HS, Dana Zupke “SkyCoach is THE BEST replay system, PERIOD! It has never let us down!”

Rincon University HS. Mike Strack “I believe SkyCoach is a great tool for coaches. It allows to TEACH in almost real time. I believe it is a necessary tool to maximize your program’s potential!”

Tolleson Union HS, James Carver “For more in the moment coaching, coach with SkyCoach”


Cabot HS, David Payne “Skycoach provided our staff an instant review of plays allowing for immediate adjustments. The coach’s job is putting your team in the best possible position to win, Skycoach helps make that happen.”

El Dorado HS, Tommy Hill “SkyCoach has changed the way we work the sideline. It has allowed us to make the right corrections on the sideline quickly.”

Elkins HS, Kyle Harris “Skycoach has been more reliable than any other product we have used in the past.”

Elkins HS, Timothy Hoover “Having SkyCoach has helped our program tremendously with making in-game adjustments. A lot of our players play both ways which makes it hard to talk to them about what is happening and what they are seeing on the field. SkyCoach helps us see issues from the entire field and multiple angles so that we can make the adjustments needed from the sideline. It also allows us to quickly show players things to look for or fix so that we can get them back in the game as soon as possible.”

Fort Smith Northside HS, Ted Neal “Skycoach was absolutely the best thing that we have used. It has changed the way we coach during games. We no longer have to be stressed about a coach in the booth not seeing exactly what happened. We know we just have to wait until the play is over to fix it. We even had college coaches taking pictures of us during the game using the technology on the sideline. Our players wouldn’t know what to do if we stopped using it now!!!”

Greenwood HS, Travis Sandifer “SkyCoach is the BEST and ONLY option any team should consider for reliable and efficient sideline instant replay. They’ve helped our program win for three years now and will help us win for many more!”

Harmony Grove HS, Richard Moore “SkyCoach is a great coaching tool for instant feedback to you players on game night.”

Huntsville HS, Randy Barnhill “We have been with Sky Coach for 5 years. Our experience has been mind blowing. Anytime we have needed help on anything they were there to help 24/7”

Marion HS, Terry Johnson “We have used other systems. When it was all said and done, SkyCoach outperforms them when it matters. They are the best in game!”

Nashville HS, Mike Volarvich “SkyCoach has been a great resource and a big part of our success here at Nashville.”

North Little Rock HS, Blake Pizan “We have made it to the Championship game for the last 3 years in a row and our program constancy evolves around the weekly use of Skycoach to make in game adjustments.”

Pea Ridge HS, Nathan Claytor “Using sky coach gives us a distinct advantage over any team we play not using their system.”

Springdale HS, Bryant Davis “SkyCoach gives our team a distinct competitve advantage.”

West Memphis, Jarrod Jackson “Hands down the best customer support you can get for instant replay.”


AB Miller HS, Jeff Brady “Skycoach blows Hudl Sideline out of the water! Clips load at lightning speed! With Hudl sideline I had to wait a long time and the clip I was trying to watch was no longer useful once I got it to load! But with Skycoach the clip is available withing seconds!”

Antioch HS, Brett Dudley “SkyCoach helped me make in game adjustments and more importantly helped me correct blocking mistakes on the way to our best season in program history.”

Aquinas HS. Jordan Brusig “Skycoach was great for our team this year. We used it at practice and games. It was easy to setup and user friendly.”

Carlmont HS, Rick Lavezzo “With Skycoach it was as if you had a service rep with you as you set up the system before a game. We used a different system previously and felt as if you were on a desert island, completely on your own. Customer service is tremendous!”

Clayton Valley Charter HS, Michael Dominguez “With Skycoach, we now have the ability to make adjustments between series that we couldn’t do before. It has been a huge difference for us this year and we will continue to use it from here on out!”

Dos Pueblos HS, Doug Caines “In my second year at Dos Pueblos HS We were able to win the league championship vs the leagues (super-power) they had not lost a league game since 2012, 3 years. We entered the contest prepared but quickly were able to adjust to NEW formations & motions before they became a problem. We were also able to clean up miscommunications on defense @ half time which led to a second half shut-out thanks to Sky Coach.”

Glendora, Brandon Rohrer “we had ZERO issues with SkyCoach this season. We are very happy using this product”

Hart HS, Dan Oborn “The system worked flawlessly the whole season. Easy to set up and take down. The upload of plays to Hudl was also quick and easy.”

Lakewood HS, Michael Christensen “I have used every other system out there and SkyCoach is the most reliable by far.”

Mater Dei HS, Greg Oldham “While other teams’ systems (Hudl Sideline, Echo) were not fully performing during games at Levi Stadium, our SkyCoach system worked flawlessly. We got video in the coach’s box, the other teams did not. Everything (SkyCoach) worked perfectly.”

Mayfair, Derek Bedell “Sky coach has been a game changer for us the past 2 years. We are 20-5 and I don’t think that is by coincidence. SkyCoach has changed our sideline communication and made us better as a program.”

Paraclete HS, Norm Dahlia “We have tried replay systems the prior 3 years and nothing could compare to the speed of playback and how easy it was to use.”

Pioneer HS, Steven Solis “Skycoach brought all the corrections to your players in an instance. They could not disagree with you on any mistakes, or in other case review the great plays they did.”

Porterville HS, Michael Machado “Sky Coach was directly responsible for our win over Hanford on the road. We made adjustments during Timeouts during a drive that helped us score the go ahead Touchdown.”

Quartz Hill HS, James Vondra “After using Echo for the past 2 years and having many issues with that system, we had no issues with SkyCoach. Definitely recommend this product. Customer Support was excellent!”

Santa Fe Christian, Grantham Jones “Skycoach has been essential for our film study, it gives our team a competitive edge”

Saugus HS, Jason Bornn “We had used another company before making the switch to SkyCoach because the challenges we experienced were so great that using a replay system had become a huge source of stress. We were hesitant to even buy another platform due to the frustration we experienced with the other company but made the move to SkyCoach to give it a chance. It has been a huge blessing for us and delivered above and beyond what it promised. We will never use another company again and plan being a loyal SkyCoach customer for years to come”

St. John Bosco, Burrel Lee “Since switching from Hudl sideline to Skycoach, we are 31-4 with a State Championship and currently #1 in the Country.”

Sutter Union HS, Ryan Reynolds “We’re with SkyCoach and it works flawlessly. We’re able to make in-series adjustments based on what we just saw and coach our dudes up as soon as they come off the field. Without it, it’s like coaching with your eyes closed.”

Temecula Valley HS, Nick Kindred “As a video coordinator for over a decade, I can state with 100% confidence that SkyCoach customer service is, unequivocally, the absolute best in the business.”

Torrey Pines HS. Ron Gladnick “Sky Coach is the third system we have used in three years. Since switching we have not missed a play using Sky Coach it is the best solution in the marketplace.”

Wasco HS, Chad Martinez “Skycoach worked wonderfully for our program and is a must have for our instant replay needs”

Yucca Valley HS. JD Thompson “SkyCoach made a world of difference for us in evaluating and correcting our missed assignments from series to series allowing us to make corrections and improve our efficiency on offense and defense from series to series vs week to week.”


Eaglecrest, Ken Ortega “Skycoach is second to none when it comes to reliability and customer service. It provides us the opportunity to make immediate in game adjustments with our athletes. There’s no more waiting to review game film the next morning to make adjustments. We’re now able to make those adjustments before the next series!”

Grand Junction HS, Sean Stewart “Fast, friendly and by far the best replay system on the market today. You can’t go wrong with this product.”

Longmont HS, Sean Cartwright “SkyCoach has been a fast and reliable network for us over the last 3 years.”

Overland HS. Andrew Shaver “We love SkyCoach at our school. The ability to make in game adjustments with the tech is amazing.”

The Classical Academy, Justin Rich “We have been a SkyCoach school since replay was introduced to our state. It has always worked. While my opponents had software and hardware glitches with other providers, SkyCoach consistently performed. Advantage us on Friday nights.”


Shelton HS, Frank Marcucio “SkyCoach allows us to take it to the next level instead of being stuck in the HUDL!”


Charlotte HS, Justin Midgett “Skycoach has been invaluable to us as a program. Its ease of use and portability allow us to take it anywhere, set it up quickly, and get rolling. It helped a small town school like ours make it all the way to the state semifinals in a very tough Florida class 6A division. Thank you, Skycoach!”

William M Raines HS, Jason Caldwell “Great support mixed with even better software make SkyCoach an invaluable coaching tool on game days. The ability to make adjustments in the booth and display those corrections on the iPads/TV’s to the entire offensive/defensive unit to reinforce what we’ve been teaching or make a correction to errors by players is invaluable. It aides me as a coach to make faster game plan adjustments if the opponent is doing something new that wasn’t shown on film and get the players coached up on how to properly handle these situations. It was a vital piece in our deep playoff run this year to the Florida 4-A State Title game appearance.”


Brookwood HS, PJ Katz “SkyCoach is the replay tool to use! Reliable, great customer service, and fast video replays.”

Buford HS, Jacob Boldin “Skycoach has been a great tool that makes it possible to make adjustments on the fly. There is no more waiting until halftime, when you have an instant replay at your fingertips, the second you stop recording. The program is reliable and crucial in a big-game atmosphere. We are able to fine tune our team in the heat of the battle by using Skycoach. The only problem we have had is coaches not getting an iPad to our head coach fast enough. The replay is posted faster than our coaches can run the iPad to our HC.”

Calhoun HS, Clay Stephenson “Instant sideline video from SkyCoach helped us win a state championship! #gamechanger”

Chamblee HS, Curtis Mattair “Following a game while standing mid field talking with the opposing coach I shared with him that I felt our program was missing a key piece by not having instant replay. He quickly recommended SKYCOACH, and said, (Coach, don’t waste your time or money on those other systems.) I took his advice and ordered the system the following day. As a staff we were very pleased with the purchase. Our biggest regret is not having the system in games 1-3.”

Creekview HS, Wade Stewart “Switched two years ago from Hudl, when our current staff came together at Creekview one of our first purchases by our Head Coach Adam Carter was a new SkyCoach System.”

Duluth HS, Bob Swank “I was hesitant to get a sideline replay system because I am the least technology based person there is. SkyCoach makes it very easy to get set up and operating. Really anybody can use it.”

Dunwoody HS, Jake Hill “We used Hudl Sideline for 2 games. It was very slow and unreliable. We switched to SkyCoach 3 years ago and it has been such a difference from set up to operations.”

Gilmer HS, Todd Gibson “Our first year using SkyCoach was a huge success! The tutorials showed us exactly how to set up and use the system, and if there was a problem, support was there to help! We will be using SkyCoach every year now…”

Hiram HS, Taylor Butler “Compared to Hudl sideline Skycoach is a very intuitive system that has really accessible support to assist us anytime of the week/day.”

Lanier County HS, Will Dettor “SkyCoach is by far the most reliable, user friendly system I have used on the sideline. Once you coach with it, you will never coach without it again!”

Mill Creek HS, Tim Rondeau “SkyCoach was instrumental to our success this year. It allowed us to give instantaneous, visual feedback to our players on the sidelines while also helping our staff make adjustments more quickly. The ease with which you can view multiple angles also allowed us to split up our skill players and linemen on the sideline so they could view exactly what they needed to make corrections.”

Norcross HS, Collin Oliver “Sky Coach provides the best customer support, ease of use, and best overall quality of instant replay. I highly suggest Sky Coach over any other replay system.”

Northside HS, Sam Said “We started out on Hudl sideline. We quickly made the switch after 2 games to SkyCoach and couldn’t be happier. We played the state championship game at the Mercedez Benz stadium in Atlanta, and without us even asking, Keith sent an email with some trouble shooting tips and diagnostics for that venue. We were one of only 3 teams that played those two days that had a functioning replay system because of the support we got from SkyCoach. I could not be happier with the pricing, the technology or the customer service from the team at SkyCoach”

Valdosta HS, Ty Lockett “Sky coach has excellent customer service. They do a great job of resolving any issues in a speedy manner.”

West Hall HS, Tony Lotti “Having SkyCoach this season had an instant impact on our program. Having the ability to make in-game adjustments, instead of waiting until halftime proved successful. Our school made the sweet 16 in the playoffs for the first time since 1995.”


Borah HS, Jason Burton “We have made the playoffs the last four years and had only made it one time in the last 25 years and SkyCoach is one of the main reasons for it.”


Brown County HS, Tom Little “Having the ability to use Sky Coach has allowed us to make numerous game time adjustments which have helped us to win many tough games.”

Canton HS, Adam Colgan “As the technical coordinator for the football team, my job is to make sure that the coaches have the correct tools in-hand so they can make the most informed decisions. Having SkyCoach has become an instrumental part of our coaches arsenal of tools.I can feel confident that SkyCoach will always work when I hand our coaches their iPads to watch the plays on.”

St. Rita HS, Dave Conrath “SkyCoach customer service is one of the best features of the product. They always are available, even on a Friday night during a game.”

Warren Township HS, K.C. Lange “We’ve used ECHO1612 & Hudl Sideline, but SkyCoach has been the most reliable and best in-game replay system available. The data it collects with just a few taps and the ability to export for both trade and uploading to Hudl with the clips already intercut is an essential part of why SkyCoach is the best replay system out there.”

West Central HS, Adam Brockhouse “If you’re not using SkyCoach and your opponent is you’re 10 steps behind. “


Gibson Southern HS, Nick Hart “Skycoach is great. I don’t know how we ever coached without it. We scored a touchdown last Friday because we were able to see something on SkyCoach.”


Akron Westfield HS, Eric Walkingstick “This is revolutionary I hope teams don’t find out about you guys because we feel we have a huge advantage over our competition using SkyCoach”

Western Dubuque HS, Justin Penner “Sky coach has been great for our program. We have as system of using it that works for us, it’s easy to load film onto hudl, and it’s so much less expensive than everything else out there.”


Blue Valley HS. Allen Terrell “We’ve used SkyCoach since sideline video has been allowed in our state – the last four seasons. We haven’t had a single issue in those four years. Heather and all of their crew have always been willing to help. We won’t be changing sideline video companies anytime soon!”

Chaparral HS, Justin Burke “Can’t believe that we can watch the endzone view from the sidelines on the very next play. Feels like we are coaching in the League.”

Cherryvale HS. Harry Hester “Unreal the ease of setup. Gives us a great advantage and allows our coaches to be on sideline on game night with MS coaches doing input”

Hayden Catholic , Bill Arnold “It has given us the ability to stay competitive during the game with immediate adjustments”

Labette County HS, Sean Price “100% satisfied with our SkyCoach experience. Great customer service and the product just works. The replay is so fast getting to our laptops, makes calling offense and defense much easier, definitely out of the stone age now!”

Mill Valley HS, Ian Nichols “SkyCoach allows our staff to see what is happening in between series and make needed in-game adjustments on the fly.”

Olathe North HS, Spencer Webb “The sky coach system was immaculate and helped our coaches to be at their best on game days. It put our players in the best situations.”

Pratt HS, Tyler Strong “We have switched our instant replay from Hudl sideline to Sky Coach. The reliability has been the most important feature as we have had zero issues with our replay system. “

Shawnee Mission North HS, Ben Bartlett “SkyCoach absolutely assisted our football program this season. It helped our coaches communicate more effectively and efficiently to our players during the game and it helped our players to understand in-game adjustments quicker and improve faster. I would recommend it to any coach looking to gain an edge on their competition.”

Spring Hill HS, Alex Winkler “SkyCoach has performed flawlessly on Friday nights for our team this year. We are glad we switched from Hudl Sideline, to SkyCoach as the issues we had last year have disappeared.”

St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Sean McDaniel “By far the most reliable system I have used so far. We started with Play Maker Pro switched to HUDL the next year and this year went with SkyCoach and it is the smartest thing we’ve done for our sideline video system!”


Corbin HS. Justin Haddix “Sky Coach is the best in the Business. Easy to setup and upload on to film trade.”

Louisville Male HS, Todd Head “we are the third winningest high school football program in the country. skycoach helps us win games.”

Scott HS, Dan Woolley “This year we won our schools first district championship  and won the most games in school history. SkyCoach was a huge part of our success. It allowed us to make Saturday Morning Adjustments on Friday night and helped us win games.”


Airline HS, Steven Vrbka “SkyCoach gives us an edge when it comes to making changes during the game” Steven Vrbka Airline High School”

Archbishop Rummel. Bobby Sanders “SkyCoach is an invaluable tool for us on game day. You can’t beat fast, instant feedback at the swipe of a finger during crunch time in a big game”

Benton HS, Reynolds Moore “It is awesome, SkyCoach is genius!”

Brother Martin HS, Daniel Roane “This product does what it says….it’s that simple. Once you get through the initial setup and practice training some kids to film the games, it really gives you an advantage to win. I know our winning percentage has gone up since using SkyCoach.”

Calvary Baptist Academy, John Bachman Sr “During the game, SkyCoach gives us an edge in educating ours players immediately. It helps our players understand their mistakes as well it reinforces what they are doing correctly. SkyCoach is an invaluable tool for coaches and players that showcases what really happened rather than depending on memory”

Cecilia HS, Dennis Skains “The Skycoach sideline replay has become crucial on Friday nights. I don’t know if I could go back to guessing how the other team blocked the last play.”

Covington HS. John flowers “Great product even better support.”

Dunham School, Collier Thornton “Our 2A school is 6-0, with 3 of those wins coming against 4A and 5A schools. The mid-game adjustments the coaches have been able to make, because of SkyCoach, has played a huge role in the outcome of those games. If you are a coach or team that cares about attention to detail, you need to make the investment and get SkyCoach. “

Dutchtown HS. Paul Varnado “As the head coach of a 4A high school football program in Louisiana (St. Michael), I made a decision to be with SkyCoach from the start of their business. When I changed schools in 2017, the school I went to used HUDL Sideline. After experiencing many gameday difficulties and problems in 2017, I insisted on going back to SkyCoach in 2018. The staff is much more impressed with our gameday video and productivity.”

Holy Cross School, Craig Brodie “SkyCoach played a pivotal role in our games this season. Instead of waiting until Saturday to work out the kinks, we were able to make key in-game adjustments on the fly. SkyCoach helped our coaching staff significantly during the course of the season.”

Iota HS, Joshua Andrus “Sky coach has been one of the most important tools in turning around an 0-10 team into a competitor each year.”

Live Oak HS, Dexter Thurber ““Used it at my old school and sold the staff at Live Oak on it. Hands down the best service around!”- Dexter Thurber”

Neville HS, Paul Guerriero “SkyCoach is by far the best in the business. Always on the cutting edge and best customer service there is. We trust them completely with our instant replay.”

Northwestern State University. Mike McConathy “I love Sky Coach! So useful and productive teaching tool!!”

Oak Forest Academy, Phill Junkins “We made the switch after a tough year with another product. We are thrilled with the results. SkyCoach has been a great addition to our program and the customer support is outstanding.”

Parkway HS, Emmett Beggs “The ability to get instant in game feedback from whatever angle you film is priceless. We are able to make adjustments on the fly and reduce repeating mistakes.”

Parkview Baptist School, Matt Shelton “SkyCoach was instrumental in winning our fifth state championship this past season. It’s hard to imagine going through a season without it. It has changed our sideline because we are teaching now and reacting quicker to mistakes or things our opponents are doing. That makes us better right now, we don’t have to wait till Saturday film sessions.”

Plaquemine HS, Matthew Zito “Sky coach is the best system on the market. We had hudl sidline for a half season and it did not work very well. We were at a disadvantage. When we switched to SkyCoach we felt like we had the upper hand.”

Riverside Academy , Kevin Dizer “Skycoach is a great resource for us, very easy to set up,break down, and travel with.”

St. Amant HS, Jay Dykes “Solidified our replay system, any problems handled quickly with immediate customer service, even on game nights.”

St. Frederick HS, Clint Hortman “Sky Coach is the very best in instant replay for high school teams. Easy to setup and easy to take down. Can be up and running within minutes.”

St. Thomas More Catholic HS, Shane Savoie “SkyCoach played a pivotal role in our trip to the State Championship Game this season. With the ability to receive and distribute video during the game we were able to make adjustments quickly and accurately.”

Tioga HS, Chuck Perkins “The dynamics of the conversations at halftime were phenomenal. First between coaches, it was less tense than the previous season. The coaches conversations were more fluid and constructive which I attributed to SkyCoach’s technology of making plays available for all to see and be on the same page before meeting face to face. More on conversations, over the headsets between coaches and with players was extremely efficient. The complication of visualizing different perspectives at different levels of one play is instantaneously removed. With in a couple of seconds everyone is seeing and talking about the same play and adjustments to be made. Fosters another level of team building even in the midst of the fight. Thank you SkyCoach for what you know you’re providing and for the added benefits.”

Welsh HS, John Richardson “Makes a huge difference ! Takes guesswork out of it!”

West Monroe HS. Trey Long “There is NO other sideline replay system our staff would trust other than SkyCoach. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to setup.”

Woodlawn HS, Jerwin Wilson “SkyCoach has helped us tremendously with in game adjustments and was a huge asset for us in going undefeated in district and a 10 win season in 2016!”


Bonny Eagle HS, Kevin Cooper “SkyCoach was instrumental in helping us to win a state championship this year. Our assistant coaches used SkyCoach to pinpoint what our opponent was doing in our championship game and we were able to make in game and halftime adjustments with our players. We scored 28 points in the 2nd half to win. Thanks, SkyCoach!”


Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. HS, Steve Rapp “We went 14-0 this year and won a Maryland 4A state championship, SkyCoach helped me as the play caller see the fronts that defenses were giving us immediately and allowed us to make quick adjustments for us to beat the D” Thank you SkyCoach!”


Brighton HS, Jim Carl “We believe that SkyCoach was an integral part of our season and are looking for ways to change our coaching methods to take advantage of the technology.”

Cadillac HS, Cody Mallory “Their ease of use and customer support makes Sky Coach the best sideline replay system available.”

Chelsea HS, Nick Schumann “After using Hudl Sideline for a few years, we made the switch to SkyCoach. The dependability and service is unmatched if you are looking for an in game replay system.”

Coldwater HS, Jeff Schorfhaar – “The whole system was amazing! Having the ability to show athletes what was going on during a game and not waiting until after the game, or a day later is priceless. Plus, the best part of this system is the support. We had two games in which we couldn’t get the system to operate correctly before our games, but one call to their support crew and they had it fixed both times before kickoff! It is well worth the money!”

Davison HS, Eric Chorley “This is our fourth season with SkyCoach and it has NEVER let us down. It just works perfectly. Even when one of our laptops stopped working for the endzone view, we hooked up one that did not meet any of the specs that SkyCoach suggests and it worked flawlessly.”

Lake Orion HS, Eric Jennings “We switched from Hudl Sideline to Sky Coach because we only were able to use the former system 4 of the 9 games we played last year. This year have Sky Coach operational all year has helped us win games.”

Livonia Franklin, Chris Kelbert “We added Skycoach to our sidelines after our 3rd game of the season. We instantly saw the benefits the first time we used it. Both coaches and players were able to make in game adjustments by using this system.”

Mason HS, Gary Houghton “We used to have to wait until halftime to make major adjustments, SkyCoach offers great ability to adjust during the game!”

Milford HS, Garfrey Smith “I have used hudl and SkyCoach instant replay; I would pick SkyCoach every time. SkyCoach is worth the investment. Look forward to more great years.”

Mt. Pleasant HS, Jason McIntyre “We have had numerous successful seasons at Mt. Pleasant in the last decade. However, after two 5-4 seasons in 2016 and 2017 we started to look to add some things to our program, one of those was Skycoach. In 2018 we went 10-1 and were league champs. I believe Skycoach likely played a role in the success.”


Holy Family Catholic HS, Ian Parzyck “SkyCoach has provided a simple and cost effective way for us to further teach athletes DURING the game…it is a valuable tool!”


Biloxi HS, Nick Brett “Sky Coach helped us go from 0-7 in our region in 2016 to 4-3 and a birth in the state playoffs in 2017”

Brookhaven HS, Aaron “SkyCoach has been very helpful in all aspects and working with them and their customer service has been a great experience”

Gulfport HS, Jeff Bush “Works every time. Definitely gives our team an edge.”

Jackson Academy, Parker Harris “Sky Coach allows us the ability to make in game adjustments and instant feedback for our players. Sky Coach has added another element to the game.”

Northpoint Christian, Chris Cascio “Sky coach has really helped our team make in game adjustments and half time adjustments.”

Petal HS, David Hopper “The system is great and the technical support is even better!”

Wayne County HS, Jay Blackledge “We truly believe that the system was the difference in winning or losing several games. SkyCoach helped our team win the 5A State Championship in Mississippi. Good Stuff SkyCoach!”


Belton HS, Todd Vaughn “We have used other sideline systems and none of them have been as dependable as SkyCoach!”

Carthage HS, Gage Tiller “SkyCoach’s reliability and ease to setup were such a relief after using another replay company for the last 3 years. It has been nice to know that I’m not wasting time setting up a product that will not work an entire game.”

Desoto HS, Mike Genge “We used Hudl for 2 years and had nothing but trouble, in the first attempt in the first game Skycoach connected, downloaded plays instantly and we were able to access them. I highly recommend Skycoach to anyone.”

Festus HS, Russ Schmidt “SkyCoach has allowed us to make adjustments in all three phases of the game an has also placed more accountability on our student athletes as they come to the sideline. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie. There are no excuses when you show them instant feedback.”

Fort Zumwalt West HS, Ric Troupe “SkyCoach worked great for us this year. Immediately noticed a difference in our players ability to remain locked in for the entire game. Customer support was so great with helping us get set up our first game that we didn’t need to call back again the rest of the season.”

Hillcrest HS, Shad McGuire “If our players only executed as well as SkyCoach we may won a few more games this year.”

Jefferson City HS, J.R. Simmons “Skycoach is a stable platform that is extremely reliable”

Moberly HS, Cody McDowell “This past season we were having enough problems with HUDL Sideline that we decided to entertain other options for Sideline Replay. I reached out to Heather at SkyCoach on a Tuesday. By THURSDAY, we had all our equipment and were going through training in order to be ready by Friday. Their customer service is first class and their product is second to none. It’s easy to setup, easy to use, and reliable.”

Monroe City HS, David Kirby “SkyCoach was an extremely valuable tool for the Monroe City football program. It allowed instant feedback for immediate in game adjustments. The customer service was second to none. If we had questions we were one phone call away from quality assistance.”

Neosho HS, Josh Yarnell “We went with SkyCoach this year after all of our problems last year. Not an issue has been had and the quality of service has been great.”

Oak Park HS, Eric Whited “Every coach on our staff who has any experience with a replay system in the past will agree that this year has been the least stressful season we’ve had thanks to SkyCoach.”

Ozark HS, Chad Depee “SkyCoach is a great benefit to our program. Reliability is the number one thing. We can count on the product to do its job.”

Palmyra HS, Shannon Haerr “We used another sideline replay system for 1.5 years. We were very unhappy with the system and had very few games where we did not have problems. We got SkyCoach and it has worked perfect with very few if any problems.”

Staley HS, David Fowler “The ease of set up has been a dream compared to the previous sideline replay systems we have used in the past. (Hudl Sideline, Edge replay) The ability to set the system 2 hours before game time and have confidence it will work from kickoff through the end of the game, has created a huge relief in the non-football related stress that comes with gameday.”

St. John Vianney, Paul Day “In my opinion, Skycoach is as good as it gets with game day replay systems.”

William Chrisman, Matt Perry “Skycoach is a great tool on Friday nights for our players and coaches to make winning adjustments. “


Bellevue West HS, Robert Klug “SkyCoach is the wave of the future when it comes to Sideline Instant Replay!”

Creighton Prep, Tim Johnk “Going to SkyCoach is the best change I have made in 20 years as a head coach. We have had very few issues and when we do have an issue their customer service has been outstanding. “

Westside HS, Craig Secora “Fantastic product. Full technical and customer service support were a phone call away and problems addressed immediately.”


Faith Lutheran, Dan Kober “Our first replay software was Hudl Sideline. It worked just enough to show us the value of a sideline replay system. The problem is it didn’t work more than it worked. Skycoach has solved all the issues we had with Hudl Sideline with the added benefit of in-game reports. Additionally the support for Skycoach is far better than anything we have experienced with Hudl.”

Liberty HS. Rich Muraco “Skycoach is the most reliable sideline replay system on the market. It’s a must have for us. It gives us a tremendous advantage over our opponents.”

Shadow Ridge HS, Ethan Lewis “SkyCoach gave us an advantage every game. It gave us the ability to make in game adjustments that allowed us the ability to win the big games.”

New York

Monsignor Farrell HS, Sean Benitez “Skycoach has the best customer service. There staff answers immediately and will find you an answer no matter what. The service is very personable. I have dealt with Heather and she has always accepted my calls no matter the time.”


Canal Winchester HS, Corey Coe “SkyCoach has helped elevate our football program to the next level. It is a must for every football program that is serious about becoming a championship caliber team.”

Carroll HS, Ben Rulli “SkyCoach is an outstanding coaching tool that can help you make in game adjustment as well as instant feedback to my players during practice. We cannot live with out it.”

Chagrin Falls, John Scott “We had about a million and one problems with Hudl and never got the customer service we felt we should have gotten. Most of our initial issues this season would be chalked up to user error on our end and we could not be more satisfied with the customer service we have received. Especially on gameday! Last year we couldn’t get a Hudl rep on the phone. SkyCoach has always helped on gameday when we needed support the most!”

Columbus Academy, Robin Miller “SkyCoach has been unparalleled in it’s reliability and customer service. With our old provider, we were never quite sure when it would work or when it might shut off. Now we are fully confident that we will have access to full replay technology for all game, every game!”

Meadowbrook HS, Mike Wiggins “SkyCoach keeps you ahead of the competition no matter how big or small your school is. We had a lot of other team coaches that were amazed at our filming and how our coaches implemented SkyCoach in their game plan.”

Teays Valley HS. Mark Weber “SkyCoach helped us tremendously with making in game and half time adjustments. It is much better making adjustments in game than being sorry you didn’t the next day.”

Turpin HS, Eric Kenter “SkyCoach has helped our team to multiple conference championships and playoff appearances. Friday nights are taken to the next level with their product.”


Alva HS, Ryne Wilson “SkyCoach has allowed us to make in-game adjustments from the sideline very quickly. In a tight game, we utilized the SkyCoach to make adjustment to our Inside Zone scheme to help win the game.”

Bixby HS. Rodney Flowers “SkyCoach has been very instrumental to our success as a program for many years. The ability to correct and implement changes would have taken much longer if we did not have SkyCoach. This season we began using a two-laptop system that sped up our download process. It also required less people to manage the system which allowed us another manager to be able to help in other places.”

Broken Arrow HS, David Alexander “SkyCoach has been and will continue to be one of our most vital Friday night tools.”

Choctaw HS, Chad Coulter “We have tried other options. SkyCoach is more reliable. And the support is always ready if we ever have unique venue setup needs.”

Coweta, Tim Holt Jr “SkyCoach was a total game changer for our program. Being able to make in game adjustments in just seconds is a great advantage to have on the sideline. I would recommend skycoach to everyone. It is a difference maker!!”

Heritage Hall HS, Brett Bogert “Being able to correct players with video evidence is invaluable. I cannot imagine going into a game without it. It has helped us bring home back to back State Championships in Oklahoma.”

Jenks HS, Allan Trimble “SkyCoach allows us immediate information on both our opponent and ourselves. This information leads to quick adjustments and corrections, which leads to more consistent play on the field. The SkyCoach system is easy to use and their support team is second to none!”

McAlester HS, Bret Lalli “We have used HUDL Sideline and Echo and I have been in on the setup of both systems and this is by far the easiest and most efficient system that we have ever used.”

McLoud HS, Rusty Hall “SkyCoach has been great for us. We spent the last 3 years with different competitors and were unhappy with those products. This was our first year using SkyCoach and we had zero issues.”

Midwest City HS, JJ Venzor “SkyCoach is changing the game for High School football! If you do not have SkyCoach, you are falling behind. One of the best teaching tools during the game. I highly recommend getting SkyCoach for your team today!”

Pond Creek-Hunter. Mike Claflin “I strongly urged the coach at the last school I was at to purchase Sky Coach. I took a position at a Class C School. To my knowledge Pond Creek-Hunter is the only 8 man school in Oklahoma using Sky Coach. The access to instantaneous information was so great that I paid for the service myself. I just couldn’t stand the thought of not using the service to help kids perform and give them every advantage to assist them reaching success! We played in every type of stadium and the quality of service and benefits were outstanding. We had a GREAT SEASON and played in the State Semifinal Game. I knew that in every game we played the the benefits to using Sky Coach would help our team with on the fly adjustments that would provide benefits to help us reach success. I feel like the kids have the chance to play fast because the adjustments come from the press box or on the sideline and they don’t have to think! I appreciate the technology that helps volunteers process and communicate information without having to watch large volumes of film, due to job and family constraints. I look forward to the day when referees have the option to view Sky Coach footage to assist them with crucial calls. Sky Coach is a Great investment to help teams reach success!”

Stillwater HS, Tucker Barnard “It’s to my benefit that none of the other coaches have SkyCoach while we do”

Stroud HS, Chris Elerick “We have been using skycoach for 4 years now and have been very pleased. They are on the leading of edge of getting sideline replay everywhere. We play in some very rural areas and it always comes through. Top notch product with top notch customer service… even on game night.”

Yukon HS. Jeremy Reed “SkyCoach allows our coaches and players to make adjustments on each play throughout the game. No longer is it a guessing game of whats going on, pure facts are shown after each series!”


Wilfrid Laurier University, Kerry Martin “Skycoach is proven to work reliably in large stadiums at the Pro level in Canada and is flexible enough to take on the road at the amateur levels. Why use anything else when the price is reasonable, the support is excellent and the product is rock solid? We’ve had two error free seasons from SkyCoach and counting!”


Reynolds HS, Bryan Scott “SkyCoach provides you instant access and real time adjustments.Halftime adjustments are done in the moment and not at the half anymore, game changer!”


Brentwood HS, Charlie Sanford “We were using another company’s system at the beginning of the year, and I was doing more technical work than coaching. With SkyCoach’s easy setup and use, I was able to focus on my players and getting useful feedback to help us win games.”

Clarksville Academy , Micah Hughes “Watching opposing teams struggle to get their sideline system set up and working, it is great to know we made the right choice in choosing SkyCoach as our sideline replay system.”

Christian Brothers HS, Dale Dunlap “SkyCoach is the eye in the sky that will not lie.”

Dyersburg HS. Bill Bona “The system is the best coaching tool we have in game hands down. Have had 2 previous replay systems and there is no comparison!!”

Hixson HS, Steve Daffron “Will elevate your players performance immediately.”

Huntingdon HS, Robbie Miller “SkyCoach has proven on Friday nights to be the most reliable system for our team.”

John Overton HS, Steve Williams “After switching to SkyCoach we have found the instant replay faster and more efficient.”

Marion County HS, Garrett Sowder “SkyCoach gives us the tools to get an edge on the opponent. Easy to use and great tools available makes Friday nights even better!”

Peabody HS, Ben Di’Chiara “Switching to SkyCoach in 2018 helped us win a State Championship. We were able to focus more on game adjustments rather than technology adjustments, and that made a huge difference.”

Waverly Central HS, Matt McConnell “SkyCoach is the best in the business. We played 14 weeks of football this season and never once had a problem with SkyCoach.”


East HS, Olosaa Solovi “We’ve been using Skycoach the past 4 years and our team has been able to make adjustments on the fly. Easy to use and no technical problems.”


Riverside HS, Brian Day “Skycoach helped our football team win more games than ever before. Our offense scored more points and our coaches we are to see what other teams were doing and allowed us to make adjustments on the sign line.”

Stone Bridge HS, William Rice “SkyCoach has taken our program to a new level. No matter what the situation, our coaches feel that we are able to make the necessary adjustments to give our players the best chance to succeed.”


Mt Spokane HS, Terry Cloer “We’ve been using SkyCoach for 4 years and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s been a great tool for helping us make in-game adjustments.”


Hudson HS, Dan Weiland “Using Sky Coach has truly enhanced our coaching and teaching experience of the game of football. We love it.”

Mondovi HS, Barrett Brenner “The SkyCoach team is very easy to talk to and very helpful when you call for support of their product. I would highly recommend them. We are very satisfied.”

New Richmond HS, Jason Eckert “SkyCoach was critical to our success this season. It gave us an advantage over our opponents who didn’t have a replay system. Our players would come off the field asking to look at certain plays. We made adjustments in game that previously wouldn’t have been made until the offseason.”

Prairie du Chien, Jeff Riter “We won our first outright conference championship in 30 years, and SkyCoach gets a share of the credit for that success. We are running three angles, and being able to make adjustments on the fly is awesome. Our players come to us to view plays and suggest adjustments.”

Regis HS, Bryant Brenner “The best part about using Sky Coach was their customer service. Whether it be needed immediate help on the day of the game or at midnight after a game, Sky Coach was always there to help our team get an advantage.”