Use ALL of SkyCoach Part 2

Are you using your SkyCoach subscription to its fullest extent?

Did you know that your SkyCoach subscription offers so much more than instant replay? While SkyCoach is the most reliable replay system on the market, our software offers so much more. We have already highlighted several of those feature options in our first post. Keep reading to learn about features that were not covered in there.

Capture all the data you need for post-game analysis during the game. Using our Advanced Capture feature, filmers are able to capture more data to eliminate the post-game headache that is data entry. There are 2 ways to do this. The first way is for the filmer to capture as much data on the film screen as possible. The second way is to enter the information while viewing the plays on the iOS devices.

Speaking of data capture, you can also use it DURING the game with our In-Game Reporting Feature. Stop waiting until after the game to analyze your data and start using the Run/Pass and Blitz tendency reports, as well as the Gain/Loss report! This will give you a huge advantage over opponents who do not use SkyCoach

Did you know you can also view your plays in 2 different ways? Switch between the Play View and the Series View to quickly find the plays you are looking for. Additionally, with all the tagging you are doing, you can use the filter on the Play View to find the exact play without much hassle at all!

Finally, SkyCoach Phone Support is ALWAYS available. 24/7/365. It doesn’t matter what package you have. It doesn’t matter if other technology companies are closed. Give us a call and you will talk to a human. We have even solved Hudl upload problems for our SkyCoach customers! While everyone else is sleeping, we are here, ready to help you.

Start using SkyCoach to its fullest extent!!

If you have more questions, please contact SkyCoach at 318-629-5702.